Thursday, November 5, 2009

i <3 steppie!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

might be a lil famous...

so one random night, my friend courtney and i decided to snack on a crumbs cupcake and people watch in union square. this is where we stumbled upon a photoshoot. photographer, howard schatz, is compiling pictures for his new book. he wants various pictures of "new york faces". here are some they sent me...they also had me fill out a lil "about me" incase my pic is chosen for the book!

OY, october!

wow i'm sorry (jenn)and other blog followers for not posting at all in august or september. i am not very good at keeping a blog :(

nyc is still treating me well, and i'm loving living in the city where dreams are made of. yes i'm obsessed with jay-z song, empire state of mind. and listen to it probably atleast 4 times a day. anyway. as fall is fast approaching, i'm trying to transition into "winter mode".

red lipstick. fleece jackets. hats. scarves. boots. ugh.

i will most definately try to keep more up to date with the latest and greatest...right now i have nothing more to say, than, i <3 ny.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a curious case of a flying wallet....

about a month ago i was leaving work and reached into my bag, to find, NO WALLET. it had been there when i got my venti iced coffee in the morning. where did it go? was it taken while i was crammed against everyone on the train that morning? did someone find it under my desk and steal it? doubtful. what the heck?

what an inconvenience. cancel all my cards, borrow cash, get a new ID...blah. plus i just bought this wallet, and it's freakin cute. ugh.


after work i get a call from my co-worker...he's wondering how i got on the train...i don't understand. he says my wallet is at work! but i have my wallet i say. no no no, my wallet from FIVE WEEKS AGO has now suddenly been returned. WHAT!?! apparently, a bartender from downstairs our work was out smoking and said he got hit in the head by this lady's wallet. so he saw my work ID and called upstairs. of course the first thing he said was "there was no money in it"...Mmmm Hmmmm well i had around $30 or $40...oh well. the perplexing thing is where the hell has it been for the last five weeks. did it really hit some guy in the head? how did it get somewhere to fall in the first place? hmmm so many questions. atleast its back.

if only wallets could talk.

Monday, July 27, 2009

new york stories

so i know i need to blog more, i'm constantly getting harassed to write more about my new york life...however i never think anything is that cool to write about. but i guess i probably do have some random tidbits of random interest.

last week i had the pleasure of running with the big dogs and social elites...not my normal crowd by a long shot. (see previous birthday post and pics). however i'm glad i got a chance to expand my social circle while also avoiding any talk of ivy league schools, the stock market or the status of my trust fund. (i don't have one, duh). but it was an experience. i felt a bit out of place like an ice cube in a desert...sweating of course due to the sudden climate change and humidity here. but all in all what a fun time. i've now become FB friends with all my new socialites and have made it on to invite lists for other parties, benefits and donations to causes. i guess that's what "big dogs" do.

let's see what else. i've found a new great brunch spot. blockheads on amsterdam between 105 and 106th. $10.95 brunch including all you can drink mimosas and champagne. delightful. the food was pretty good, and i recommmend the mimosas over the champagne as the brut is cheap. it's all you can drink what do you expect.

i'm loving living in the big it seems there is always something going on. on my walk home from work today i saw a tent set up on the street and a film crew. of course i snapped a shameless picture. i have no idea what they are filming. most likely it's some columbia student shooting his senior project. oh well seemed glamourous.

hmm what other points of interest. oh of course, i went to coney island for the first time on friday. upon stepping off the train i was unnundated with the smell of hotdogs, saltwater and garbage. delicious. i was going to meet my old ASU friends at Keyspan Stadium. helen and katy and i were all in the same "activities club" in college. some may call this by another name. referring to siblings and family...anyway, helen's dad was a fire chief in brooklyn, now retired and we went to see the famous FDNY NYPD rivarly baseball game. such a crowd of good looking guys with their families...awwww and for an added treat after the game, there was a fireworks show. coney island does it up big. i can't wait to go back again and walk the boardwalk and lay on the beach, and not swim. i've been warned against the water.

this is all for now. and hopefully you've made it to the bottom of this page without dying of boredom. i will try to keep updating more news soon....

Friday, July 24, 2009

a very new york birthday...

so my friend, britten, invited me to celebrate her birthday this week! it was a fabulous time, and here are some pictures!

we ate dinner at her parent's house on 5th avenue, then caravaned cabs to the hudson terrace rooftop (46th and 11th). such a great spot! you gotta check it out!

Friday, July 17, 2009

never again.

soooo note to self: DO NOT get on the train after 1am, ESPECIALLY if your b.a.c. is above .10. not safe. also, do not take pictures while riding the train at 2:ooam, wasted. they're really not as fun as you think.